#NYCurvyCloset - A Thick Girl's Closet


10:27 AM

Hey Loves,

If you live in the NJ/NY area, on Julth 10th, myself Cece of Thebiggirlblog, Meaghan of Littlelimedress, Kelly of MasqueMag, Liz of PsitsFashion and Aimee of Madison Plus will be having an awesome shopping event selling some pieces from our closets..

YES  you heard it right, we are selling out closets. We're selling shoes, and dresses and everything in between. And a huge special shout out goes to Simply Be for sponsoring the event. we are so grateful. So make sure you click the like to register (click here) and we'll see you on the 10th.

Hope to see you guys there :)


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