Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fashion Brand MANGO brings Plus Line to the US

Hey Loves,

Yes you read that right. Finally after much success in Europe and a number of other major fashion markets around the world, fashion brand MANGO will bring their plus line to the US market Violeta by MANGO. With international plus size super model Robyn Lawley as the face of Violeta, the brand seeks to reach the chic & fashion forward curvy woman keeping with their message "It suits me and I like it" 

The Fall/Winter 2014 season features the key colors; khaki, crimson and a range of grays. I was able to get a peek at the fall lookbook I'm gonna be real with you loves, the collection will give you resurrecting life. Check out some of the my fave pieces below. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Wear

Hey Loves,

This is just a quick post. I know a lot of you knew that Curves Rock Weekend took place this weekend. I usually don't attend, so this week I wanted to lay low. I ran some errands and took care of somethings at church. But I've had this outfit idea on my brain for quite some time but didn't have all the pieces to shoot this look. So when A'GACI contacted to me to review a few of their plus size pieces, I jumped on this harem jumpsuit. And I've seen both Gabi & Nadia wear different versions of this look, so I figured what a perfect time to shoot this look.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Dress

Old Navy Sun dress
Hey Loves,

It was finally a nice day without rain. I threw on one of my favorite sun dress that I bought from Old Navy like 2 years ago. It's always a go to of mine when I need a nice dress that isn't to hot. I mean that is what a sun dress is for right? lol

Sunday, July 13, 2014

On The Run Tour

5 Preview top, levi shorts, fashion to figure jewelry

Hey Loves,

Yup you read that title right, I got the awesome chance to see Bey & Jay live at the Metlife Stadium for their On the Run Tour. Now unlike the rest of the hive....I didn't buy my tickets early, hell I actually had no plans on going. But then my cousin was like "let's go" I got dressed and planned to be out all the Beyonce madness.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Safe & Stylish in the Sun

Hey Loves,

I'm super excited to write this post. Now that summer is FINALLY here one thing that we have to remember to keep our skin safe while taking in the glorious sun rays. The awesome people at HSN reached out to me to put together some style ideas using Polyvore that will not only keep you stylish but safe during the summer months (or year round for my warm weather loves). Well actually they asked for one look buuuuuuttt ya'll know I don't follow rules lol So let's hop into the looks I pulled together.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yes We're Fat...No We Won't Be Ashamed

Hey Loves,

This particular post will be rather deep. I hope you'll allow me to be in my feelings & vent for a bit. I was cruising through facebook pure usual and I came across this article on Daily Mail. Why are today's women unashamed about being fat? A woman by the name of Linda Kelsey is a self proclaimed fattist, she thinks that fat people should be ashamed of being fat and that it is PERFECTLY okay to call someone fat. Honestly after reading this article I wasn't mad. I really wasn't mad at all. I actually felt sad for her.  I know ya'll are like why you feelin' sad? So ladies get your tea cups.

She starts the article basically complaining about 3 fat girls she saw at the airport, They were standing in front of her. Her problem wasn't that they were too loud, no. Her problem wasn't that they were obnoxious, no. Her problem was that they were fat & had absolute gall to be happy, carefree, and clearly excited to be going on vacation. 
Standing in the queue for airport security at Luton last week, en route to Malaga and my fortnight in the sun, I became transfixed by the three young women in front of me. All in their early 20s, they were laughing and chatting, clearly looking forward to their hols on the Costa del Sol, excitedly planning their days on the beach and nights on the town.They sounded - and looked - happy and carefree. But what mesmerised me most about this jolly trio was not their conversation, but their appearance: they were size 18 apiece, at least.They were not chubby, but fat. They had bulging bellies and billowing pillows of back and shoulder stuffing, punctured by flabby arms and lardy legs that no amount of fake-tan could disguise. And what struck me even more forcefully about these lumpen individuals (there were dozens more, equally large, in the queue behind me) was how obviously unconcerned they were about it.

Like she sat there and picked a part these young women. Who does that? She let her attitude be affected by a group of young women that was paying her not a bit of mind. While I really want to be mad I couldn't help but notice a common thread here. The health of fat people isn't the issue. Although she tries to make it so. Cause you know that's what internet trolls do. It's the fact that more and more fat women are learning how to love their bodies and are essentially okay in who they are as women. And Ms. Kelsey at 62 never learned feeling of freedom. Cause she's so busy worried about how other people view her if she gained a pound of weight.

Far from body hatred, what I witnessed was a let-it-all-hang-out faith in themselves and a don't-give-a-damn attitude to their evident obesity.
Like what did you expect? They're about to go on vacation and turn up! Why should they be ashamed and hide? Is that what you do when going on vacation? Are they suppose to wait until they are rail thin to enjoy life? I don't get it, someone please inform me. Why can't fat women just enjoy life? We're always told that we should hide and wait until we lose 100 pounds before we can enjoy the perks of life. #byefelicia, I will never lose 100 pounds so I plan to soak up every single bit of fun I can now, so when I am old I won't regret missing out on life. I might end up sounding like Ms. Kelsey over here.
The majority of today's fatties seem simply too greedy, ill-disciplined and or ignorant to do the same
But this the issue I have with people like her. She's writing this article as if all fat people are the same. As if health has one particular look. As if she is knows the eating habits & routine of every fat person on earth. But what I did notice, she said NOTHING about what she's doing to help the obesity problem. In my head I'm asking myself if she has such an issue, why not get involved? 
  • Why not offer free aerobic or workout classes? 
  • Why not do what you can to make healthier foods cheaper? 
  • Why not get with doctors, health professionals & nutritionist to offer proper nutrition classes?
  • How many young women have you counseled?
  • How many people have you helped in their health journey?  

She wrote this whole article offering no solutions. But I get it, it's easy to judge and make fun of someone so it can feed her lack of self esteem. The way I see it, a woman who is secure in who she is will offer help. She will remind women to love themselves in the body they're in now, so when they lose the weight the self love will follow. 

She goes on to say
A generation of mothers seem to have swallowed a dangerously misguided message of body acceptance; making them terrified of telling their daughters they're getting fat for fear they'll stop eating altogether.
-___- Jesus take the wheel A mother is suppose to uplift her daughter. If her daughter is facing ridicule from her peers she shouldn't have to come home to hear her mother calling her fat or putting her on a diet at 14 years old. (Lol I guess we know what her mother use to do #butthatsnoneofbusiness *sipstea*) Her insecurities as a woman just bleeds through each word in this article. And she is the kind of person I try to tell you my readers to ignore. Complaining and complaining about why fat people need be ashamed. It's quite obvious why God gave her a son and not a daughter. I doubt she would have the level of compassion that is needed to raise a girl.

Your thought process Ms. Kelsey is the reason why so many of our young girls are bent over a toilet bowl. Your thought process is the reason why so many girls hate the bodies they have no matter how often they workout. Your thought process is the reason why so many women cant let their boyfriends or husbands fully love them because from a young age they never learned to love themselves solely based on the fact they were (or are currently) fat.

Ms. Kelsey you are entitled to feel however you want about fat people. That is your right as a human being. But we as fat people also have the right to live our lives the way WE see fit. Our bodies are none of your concern.
Complaining b*tching & moaning about why a fat woman isn't crying in a corner basically makes you look bitter & insecure. You need a lesson in self love and self worth because clearly you miss that life lesson. Just because a woman is fat does not mean she is unhealthy and lazy and I personally I can name a list of women that will put holes all up & through your little observation. 

Get off your high horse, come down to earth miss thing. You are in no way better than a plus size woman just because you're skinny. All you are doing is tearing down other women. Because you never learned how to love your body. That's your problem not ours. The message that you are sending is that fat women should lose weight to please the people around them. And that's the life we aint about.

We have enough male politicians telling us what we should & shouldn't be doing with out bodies. If you are not going to offer constructive criticism or solutions to help plus size women embark on a health journey, stay seated in your assigned ticketed seat, have a coke & a smile. There are fat women in the world deal with it. And no we are not going to be ashamed because you say we should. We are going to go on vacation, we are going to wear shorts, we are going to wear leggings, short dress and anything else we want. We're going to eat what we want healthy or not. We are going to be mothers and wives and friends and professionals and we are going to live our lives. Maybe you should try that and you wouldn't have the time to be so worried about fat women who aren't worried about you.

Bloggers & other plus industry heavy hitters (pun intended) will continue to strive to uplift the fat woman. We will continue to show them that they HAVE NOTHING to be ashamed of when it comes to their bodies. We will continue to remind fat women that we are MORE than our fat bodies regardless if you are too shallow to see pass that. We will continue to show them that they can be plus size & healthy. And their health journey is a decision they will make for themselves and themselves only when they are ready, not when a 62 year old bitter woman calls them fat in hopes of shaming them to the gym.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Essence Magazine

Hey Loves,

If you follow me on instagram (@thickgrlscloset) and Facebook, you already know this bit of information. Yes I have a small feature in the August issue of Essence Magazine. To be honest for some people this may seem like a small venture, but for me it's HUGE. I grew up reading Essence, my mother & I get it in the mail. And every month I read the different articles about health, beauty, life, love, finance, parenting etc. Every month I see the fashionable women from around the country showing just how beautiful black women are. 

But then one day I'm writing a blog post in my guy's bedroom and he calls me into the living room saying he has something to show me. It's a picture of me in Essence! I don't think I've stopped dancing since I saw it lol. To be honest this shows me just how much God has blessed this year. I've been in 2 magazines, been on live TV, and have been featured on major media outlets!

These are the moments when I have to sit back and just thank God for blessing me. I've have a rough year financially but my blog, you my readers/supporters keeps me going day to day. And seeing things like this just makes everything ALRIGHT!