Friday, October 31, 2014

Wet Seal Plus Sweater

Hey Loves,

I very rarely do post like this but when I saw this draped front cardigan from Wet Seal Plus, I had so many outfits in mind that I couldn't just shoot one. So I made a point to think of outfits for different occasions & places. If you saw my Go-To Fall Look post, you know that I love cardigans. Especially since it's getting a bit brisk here in Jersey. Check out the looks I came up with, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall with my Mommy

Hey Loves,

SOOOOOO I can't tell you all how excited I am about this post. A couple months ago I had the idea to do a post with my mother. I realize as I get older that I am more and more like her. It;s definitely a blessing & a curse. But I figured that she always gets a great response from all my followers on my social media channels. I thought it's time for her to be on the blog! I reached out to Rafaella; one of our favorite brands to be a part of this post. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

ATGC on the Scene; Elegant Eyes Trunk Show

Hey Loves,

So last week at the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite celebs. As you can see it is the lovely & talented Chrisette Michele. She has recently collab'd with Elegant Eyes; a family owned eyewear company based out of East Orange, NJ. I stopped by their boutique on MLK Blvd, got a chance to see some of their collections along with a couple minutes to interview Cabral Miller; happens to be one of the owners as well as Chrisette Michele herself. Check out what they both had to say!


Hey Loves,

The awesome people at reached out to me to be a part of their #MyCosmopolitanChic fashion challenge. I don't know what it is, but I love being challenged to put together outfits. Even it's just my imagination, I really do enjoy it. The challenge itself is based around The Cosmopolitan one of the premier properties & hotels on the strip. I was asked to show my style, and in true Shainna fashion, I couldn't just stop at one. I pulled together multiple outfits. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Go-to Fall Look

plus size fall sweaters, rafaella sweater, lane bryant boots
Hey Loves,

The title pretty much says it all. Fall is here which means sweaters & great scarves. IF anyone knows me, they know I LOVE scarves. When I was in college, in my dorm I use to have collection of scarves hanging on my a wall. And I love wearing sweaters because it allows me to layer & play with different things I have in my closet. I just love fall!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Be Happy You Get Attention

"You should be happy that someone takes an interest in you."

"You won't find anyone better than me that'll love you"

Hey Loves,

I'm sure we've all had this encounter with a man at some point in our lives. Interestingly enough I recently dealt with this type of situation. I was heading to an event (per usual) when a random dude thought it would make my day if he paid me a little attention. Thought I would go weak at the knees because he thought me & my outfit were cute. I guess somewhere in his wonderful little world he thought he was doing me a favor because he paid me a "compliment" #majorsideeye

If any of you know me, my reaction is nothing short of #boybye & #notimeforit. Now when I didn't succumb to his advances (no doubt used & abused toward every female he saw that day) he tried his best to save face. Stating that I should be happy that he even paid attention to me. Even mentioning that girls like me should be happy that a guy even finds them a attractive. He went on to say he could get 100 big girls like me. I do thank him though, because he gave me quite a laugh in that moment.

But this type encounter is a usual for me and I'm sure other plus size girls.Why do people assume that plus size girls should just be happy with any type of attention they receive? Even if the attention is lack luster AT BEST. I mean are we worth nothing more than random cat calls on the street? Am I suppose to smile and lay down with you because you said "I'm pretty for a big girl"? I don't subscribe to the idea that as a plus size woman I'm just suppose to accept lame attention because you assume that I don't love myself enough to demand better.

In my time as a blogger I've gotten multiple messages from young ladies asking how should they deal with their boyfriends that believes they should be happy to have a man in the 1st place. My insides churn when I get those kinds of messages. On 1 hand I understand it, when you struggle with self esteem for whatever reason, having any man in your life makes you want to do whatever  you have to in order to keep him. But on the other hand I'd be damned if my significant other disrespected me, called me names and was rude to me.

I firmly believe that if he is the man in your life and he says that he cares the last thing he would do is deliberately hurt you. You should have the comfort in knowing that you are the one he would choose you over & over. If he cares he wouldn't tell you that you need to be in the gym & that you need to eat healthy.  He would be on the treadmill next to you or walking in the park with you or spotting you on the bench press & he'd be in the kitchen cooking with you.

But loving yourself does not start & end with him. In fact, so many other women I know are quite the opposite. Ladies you should love yourself enough to wait for the guy that will love you fat & all than to settle for a knuckle head that will undoubtedly use you & mistreat you because I'm presumed to be blinded by the fact that a man could ACTUALLY love you. As a woman you should love yourself to not tolerate that type of abuse. But I also know all of this is easier said than done. 

Case & point, ladies we should not settle just for the random cat calls. We should not settle for the knuckle head that wants to knit pick our bodies & our self esteem. We shouldn't 'just be happy with what we get' Plus size body or not, we are still women & deserve to loved just as much as anyone else.

Let me know your cat calling stories if you have any!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Lime & Vintage

Hey Loves,

I have to tell you shooting this outfit was the bane of my existence for about an hour while I shooting lol. I was using my new 50mm lense which I'm absolutely obsessed with. But as with any new lens, adjusting to it can be a bit difficult and rather annoying. But after some time I finally stared to get the shots that I wanted.