ATGCinPR; La Concha Resort

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To kick off my Puerto Rico experience recap, I wanted to talk about the beautiful hotel the me & the guy stayed at our 1st two nights. We stayed at La Concha Resort! It is located right Condado, so it is perfect for those looking for tourist things to do. It's only a cab ride away from Old San Juan and all the history it has to offer. La Concha truly is a renaissance hotel, because there really loads to do, if you don't want to leave the hotel.

ATGCinPR; Sexy in Old San Juan

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You all know I couldn't go to Puerto Rico and now have a photo shoot right! lol My guy was a total trooper and played the role of photographer while in Puerto Rico. I was completely inspired by the beautiful colors & architecture of the buildings in Old San Juan. They are basically every color of the rainbow. Greens, blues, yellows, reds. And they blend together. So when I looked at this dress I got from Fashion to Figure last summer, there was no question that I needed to shoot it in Old San Juan.

Rebel Wilson wears Eloquii at

Eloquii dress

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Actress Rebel Wilson was sported on the red carpet at the Elle UK Style Awards wearing this beautiful & vibrant Pique Dress from Eloquii. Rebel’s Studio Bonded Pique Dress featured a custom pink layer to add a subtle pop of color! Isn't she just radiant? What do you think?

You can purchase this dress here.

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ATGCinPR; Curves on the Beach

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This is the post I was most excited to write.Truth be told 1 main reason why I wanted to go to Puerto Rico was so I could visit Flamenco Beach & be sexy in my plus size swimwear. I bought like 8 bathing suits with me, so deciding which ones to shoot was SUPA hard. But Flamenco Beach was absolutely beautiful, the water was so clear, the sand was so white, it was fabulous. Definitely nothing like up here in Jersey. I couldn't wait to get on the beach with my Pina Colada and get in front of the camera. Check out the pics below. As always shout out to my guy for being my photographer. He always has an eye for a good photo.

All Black for Malcolm X

Anne Klein Cape Rafaella pants

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First let me say I brake the cold for these pictures lol. But if you have been a follower of mine you know every year on this day I post an outfit in all black to honor Malcolm X. Why you may ask? Today marks the 50th anniversary of his assassination. On February 21st 1965 Malcolm X was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom. Some people have their views about him & what he stood for. But for me, he was more than "the opposite of MLK" He believed in self expression, self love, building your own self up. He believed that bettering yourself started from the inside before waiting on the outside world. Was he a bit radical...sure, but sometimes you have to long beyond the media & the "character" he's portrayed to be.

ATGCinPR; My Outfits

Plus Size Fashion

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If you followed me on instagram, twitter or my FB Fan Page you pretty much know exactly what I wore during my time in Puerto Rico. But I figured would post everything here. I'll also list the shopping details for everything. Please keep in mind, a lot of these items may not be available now, but I want you to use it as inspiration.

What do plus size women want?

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I'll probably get A LOT of flack for this, but this proves what I've been saying all along. As you all know Tess Holiday as broken major barriers as the 1st size 22 model to be signed to a major modeling agency. I am here for all that is Tess. She is absolutely gorgeous, she's inspirational, and is take the world by storm. She recently posed for Monif C. And what I find so interesting, is that the same women that say they wish brands would use models over a size 16/18 are the same ones bashing Tess & Monif.

The comments were disgusting, all of which were coming from other plus size women. I have said this time & time again, plus size women need to take responsibility for ourselves & our industry. This not say that our world is all unicorns & gumdrops. We don't live in a Utopian society, not everyone will like the same things, not everyone will agree with the same fashion choices. But that is just fine, but there doesn't need to be the negative back & forth.

  • How is it we say they want to see women on the larger side of plus, but when we do, we don't like it?
  • How can we say that we want brands to push the envelope with plus size fashion, and offer it above a size 16/18 but then they do, we bash them?
  • How can we expect the best from the brands who cater to us, but then drag them through the mud, because their vision is outside our own personal aesthetic? 
  • Some say not Tess needs to be in long flowy pants, but how many times have women complained that we don't want to be covered up because we're big? 
  • Some say oh this isn't flattering on her tess. But in the same breath say wear what makes you feel beautiful. 
  • Some say she needs to not show her legs at all. But then get mad when brands don't offer enough the same cute stuff the straight size women have.

Read some of the comments for yourself Here.

But look at the comments for the same exact outfit on a size 18 models Here

If it's not your cup of tea, then so be it. But the woman that is a size 22 that wants to purchase this look probably will because they see it on Tess. and the size 18 girl will probably but it because they see it on Olivia (pictured above)

I'm confused. I guess i need someone to explain to me.