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ATGC On the Scene: Ashley Stewart Signature Events

12:39 PM

Hey Loves,

Can I tell you the folks at Ashley Stewart are probably sick of seeing my face. This weekend I spent a good portion of my Friday night and Saturday afternoon attending the new Ashley Stewart events for the launch of their Signature collection. But it's cool, cause as always it's good time with my fave models, bloggers, and Ashley Stewart main chicks (hey Erica!!!) If you haven't read my post on their signature collection, check it out here

Friday night thanks to my glamazon boo thang Sasha Renee, I was able to make the event up at their Yonkers store. Upon arriving they had the live models dressed to empress outside the store. Super model/actress Liris Crosse gave a quick talk about how to take some pieces from desk to dinner.

And of course mixing, mingling and acting up was totally apart of the night. 

Saturday was a double wammy for me. My blogger buddy Alissa of Stylish Curves was hosting an event at the Ashley Stewart in Brooklyn, and personal Stylist Kendra Porter was hosting an event at the Flagship store in Harlem. So I had to make sure I attended both.

I arrived in time to snap a few pics with Kendra, in Harlem as well as to hear her tell how she styles the new signature collection.( you see she swagga jacked my style with her cardigan)

Then made my way ALL THE WAY to the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn to support Alissa. She has come such a long way with her blog. It was only right that I show up. I was tad late, but hey, if your from NY you know that trip to Brooklyn from Harlem on a Saturday is a b*tch.

I like going to these events, no matter how big or small they are because they are always a time to catch up with other bloggers or stylist I admire. And usually there will be live models and being that I know most of them its a reunion. Hope you like the pics. Until next time loves.


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