#NYCurvyCloset The Recap - A Thick Girl's Closet

#NYCurvyCloset The Recap

8:18 PM

Hey Loves,

SO if you didn't know I was a part of the NYCurvyCloset plus size shopping event sponsored by Simply Be and TeQava. I can say it was a better than I could have ever expected. So many of you loves came out to not only to support me and the other wonderful women that sold their items, but to support the sponsors as well. And yes I made me a little bit of change lol

It was an awesome experience. If I am invited to do this again, I'll be better prepared. Check out some of the pics below.

(I'm when don't we act up?!)

(oh my ginger snap, always on the go, but always camera ready)

 (my blogging big sister, always keeps me level headed)

(My table)

Now I must say my day started a little crazy because I got to the event JUST as it started. Ugh ya'll have no idea what it's like to have to commute to the City with a 100 pound suitcase full of clothes and 15 pairs and shoes. lol The poor back that I had, the wheels dont even turn any more lol. But I digress. Once I was able to set up, and cool down (cause it was a hot ass day) I was able to grab a wonderful drink of tequila and cranberry. Yup I had to sip on a lil something after everything.

(My rack. Ya'll really did help me unload some things!)

(my pud Kelly B and her rack)

I must say I'm keep TeQava in my back pocket, cause truly that was some of the best tequila I've had. And lowkey, I was excited for them to be apart of this event. Because this is the second time I was able to indulge in the wonderfulness that is TeQava. I was actually able to try it for the 1st time during Fashion Week back in September. It's super smooth, it's almost like you're not drinking, cause it's not so harsh. Being that TeQava is a mix of premium triple distilled Tequila and fruit infusion, it's just fun to drink #winning. So two thumbs way way up Teqava.

(one of our give-a-ways)
So there you have it loves. Until next time. For deets on my outfit, check my previous post Here.  Again a huge thank you to Simply Be and TeQava. Be sure to check out both of their websites.


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  1. Great Recap! Looks like you ladies had a good time and made some sales! Loving your look too!



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