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Let Sofistafunk Take You Over The Top

4:45 PM

I have to say God definitely does work in mysterious ways and will make things happen for a reason. The other day on the bus as I was heading home from the city, I ran into ms. Linda Street of LiLi & Me and Pink Dragon. I haven;t seen her since NJ Full Figured Fashion week back in April, so it was a joy to see her. She was fly as usual. But as I was talking to her, she turned me on to this fantastic skirt company by the name of Sofistafunk and told me I had to check it out for myself. So I did and child, they quenched my thirst for some fashionable drama.

A collection of skirts and accessories designed for the woman who's hips sway to the beat of her own music and her personal mantra is "attend but never blend" 

The Sofistafunk label was born in 1999 to Arlinda McIntosh and daughter-in-law Cheshire Boone-Mickens. Bold, feminine and ultra versatile, the designs explore the alliances between the Elizabethan era through the Victorian period, and on to the late forties, creating a contemporary yet couture aesthetic; poetic in design the pieces awaken the memories of being a little girl playing dress up all while maintaining the ability to transition from 9-5 to an after work affair with ease.

No they aren't specifically catering to plus size women, but I fell in love with the design aesthetic. I mean every little girls loves a full skirt that she can feel girlie in. As the description says, its very reminiscent of the Elizabethan and Victorian era, which for me are some of my favorite fashion ears, because parts me really enjoy the opulence of their skirts and gowns.

This fab skirt comes in mulitple (and i do mean multiple) colors, to fit every vibe and mood.

For the ladies that don't want the floor length...a full midi skirt is just to die for. Again many color options!

For those that love out legs out...grab yourself a petticoat and be ready to rock!

Each of the 2 versions offer a drawstring closure so on size fits most.

And for my extra dramatic loves...Sofistafunk offers fantastic a-line skirts that will make you the bell of the ball and just the vision of a party. (yes you see how I channeled my inner Disney with that last line) lol 

So whether you;re looking for next year's halloween costume or, you're looking to make a splash at your next event or holiday party, I'm sure Sofistafunk as the ability to make that happen. Also if there is skirt that you see that may be sold out online, they do take custom orders. So give them a call to see what kind of magic they can work up. What do you think? Until next time loves.


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  1. OMG! That first photo is amazing, so so cool!

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  3. Amen to the Lord working in mysterious ways...those skirts are divine =)

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House



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