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Being Brave in Shorts

10:00 PM

Today I decided to be brave with my shorts. I tucked in my shirt and wore a belt. and this left me to let the world see my "gut" I have always been the type to never show it off. I always wear shirts that disguise it. but today I was like I don't care...I'm going for it. I mean did have my times when I sucked it in so it didn't look to bad. But I must say i loved walking around in this outfit.

I threw the vest on to make the outfit look more complete. I kept the jewelry and things simple. I just put in the big ghetto girl hoops and these absolutely adorable sandals (that kill my feet btw)

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  1. Great post!


  2. i love this mama!! work it babes! i wore some jean thrifted shorts and felt GORG!! you doing your thing!!



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